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Cosmic Reading Cards
Activation Cards for the Soul
Nari Anastarsia
ISBN: 9781925017946
Deck (Paperback)
Rockpool Publishing
5 x 8
96 pages
36 full-color cards
September 1, 2017


For sale in North America only

The Cosmic Reading Cards activate your soul to the memory of its true creative potential with 36 visionary artworks containing daily healing messages for growth, clarity and direction.

The joyous artworks and messages have been channeled by loving sages and teachers of our higher consciousness; and will assist you to move through the worlds within this realm of enlightenment with greater understanding and ease.

Trust in the spirit that moves through these messages connecting you to your inner God/Goddess.

Nari Anastarsia is an intuitive spiritual guide and artist who is driven to assist others in remembering their own unique creative light. She is also a qualified complementary therapist, holistic counsellor, and Reiki and spiritual healer, with a strong focus on ancient shamanic practices. Working in unison with the spirit of Mother Earth, she acts as a conduit for a universal healing energy by expressing herself through creative endeavors that touch the soul and awaken the heart. Her focus is on women awakening their Goddess energy, but her work more broadly applies to awakening the feminine energy within all.
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