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Star Light
Enchanting Messages From the Cosmos
Jessica Le
ISBN: 9781925946710
Rockpool Publishing
4 x 2 Inches
40 pages
40 Full-Color Inspiration Cards
April 1, 2022

Currently Not Available for Purchase

Let the guiding light of the sun, moon, and stars offer some assistance in your daily life with this set of 40 mini-inspiration cards.

Take refuge in the night, map new constellations and navigate the expanding universe of you. Escape to the infinite stars with Star Light mini cards.

This whimsical deck is the fourth set of mini-inspiration cards written and illustrated by Jessica Le, following Whispering Woods, Sea Melodies and Secret Garden.

Jessica Le is an author and illustrator who takes the wondrous fantasy of storybook worlds and reimagines them with whimsy and elegance. Her illustrations evoke feelings from nostalgic excitement of childhood realms to the mellow peace of beauty in the everyday. All of these emotions are underpinned by her skills in linework and color, which transport the audience into worlds that can simultaneously be convincing in their realism and heartwarming in their lushness.

Jessica graduated with a bachelor of design in visual communication with first class honors from the University of Technology, Sydney. Her works have been featured in international magazines such as Spine Magazine (UK) and Whim Magazine (Australia). If she’s not drawing, she can be found poring over 19th-century English art.

Jessica’s previous products include Whispering Woods Inspiration Cards and Sea Melodies Inspiration Cards. Visit her at
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