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The Vaccination Dilemma
Sophia Christine Murphy
ISBN: 9781930051102
Book (Paperback)
Lantern Publishing & Media, Lantern Publishing & Media
5.5 x 8.5
144 pages
October 1, 2009


Walking with Wisdom is a stunning sequence of twenty meditations for our time. Inspired by the Apocryphal Book of Wisdom, traditionally attributed to Solomon, Nan Merrill shows us that Wisdom is a treasured gift for all generations. Divine Sophia invites us to participate with her, through her tender guidance, in an existence that transcends death. The unseen Realm of Love is our true life, and Merrill—author of Psalms for Praying, the Psalms recast and spiritually reinterpreted for our times—takes us on a breathtaking journey into Love Consciousness. In today's violence-torn world and in our fragmented everyday lives, Wisdom is needed as never before, though She is more often dismissed or ignored. Times of silence, solitude, simplicity, and stillness are paramount as our souls yearn for a union with Wisdom and the Beloved. When we seek this Wisdom of the Heart, we leave behind false emotions of guilt and fear, and we enter the Infinite Reality that exists beyond all time.

Sophia Christine Murphy is the international correspondent for Lilipoh magazine. She lives in Ireland.
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