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The High Cost of Low Price
Greg Spotts, Introduction Robert Greenwald
ISBN: 9781932857245
Book (Paperback)
Disinformation Books
5 x 8
192 pages
November 30, 1999


Spotts takes you behind the scenes for the planning of a truly unprecedented campaign. He shows how individuals and groups can force even the largest corporations to change to better serve the interests of the countries and communities in which they do business.

Greg Spotts serves on the Santa Monica Arts Commission, most recently as chair. He is the director of the film American Jobs, a documentary looking at the loss of blue- and white-collar jobs to global sourcing. Greg has been a guest on Lou Dobbs Tonight and NOW with David Brancaccio. His work has been mentioned on the House floor by Representative Hilda Solis in debate on this important issue.
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As well as Outfoxed, Robert Greenwald executive produced Unprecedented: The 2000 Presidential Election, produced and directed Uncovered: The War On Iraq and most recently produced Unconstitutional: The War on our Civil Liberties, about the erosion of American civil liberties following the events of September 11.
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