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50 Facts That Should Change the USA
Stephen Fender
ISBN: 9781932857863
Book (Paperback)
Disinformation Books
5 1/2 x 8
388 pages
September 1, 2008


Are Americans being told the full story about what’s going on in the United States today? In this book, you’ll learn hard facts that will open your eyes and minds to a very different reality than the official versions.

Following the popular 50 Facts That Should Change The World, this new book puts our nation under the microscope, telling us that:

  • The United States of America is a country with fifty capital cities, few of which anyone can name; a nation with 65 million gun owners and 35,000 gun deaths each year; a place where there’s one car for every adult; and where twice as many people claim to go to church as actually do.
  • One town in Kentucky elected a black Labrador as its mayor.
  • The United States produces a quarter of global CO2 emissions, and has a population rising twice as fast as that of the European Union.
  • German could have been the national language.
  • Republican states are the most generous givers to charity.
  • The United States boasts the largest welfare state in the world—our military.

Stephen Fender presents a vibrant, proud, and yet critical portrait of the world’s most powerful but least understood nation.

Stephen Fender was born in San Francisco and educated at Stanford and the universities of Wales and Manchester, England. He has taught at Santa Clara, Williams, and Dartmouth colleges in the United States, and the universities of Edinburgh, London, and Sussex. He is the author of six books and currently lives in London.

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