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The Hamptons Dictionary
The Essential Guide to Class Warfare
Miles Jaffe
ISBN: 9781934708040
Book (Hardcover)
Disinformation Books
5 x 7 1/2
208 pages
23 B&W Illustrations
April 1, 2008


A Devil's Dictionary for the modern age, The Hamptons Dictionary is a wicked social satire and hysterical lexical send-up of the rich and famous who flock to the Hamptons each summer and the locals who count the minutes until Labor Day when they leave.

While Eastern Long Island, New York's swanky beach community, is the inspiration for Miles Jaffe's hilariously scathing look at the misadventures of the overloaded, it will be thoroughly enjoyed by anyone who has experienced what happens wherever the ubėr-rich set up camp.

Miles Jaffe is an industrial designer turned satirist who rocked the summer denizens of the swanky "Hamptons" in 2001 with his website. The son of renowned architect Norman Jaffe, Miles is a gadfly to be reckoned with. He lives in the heart of the Hamptons. This is his first book.
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