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How to Pray the Shaman's Way
Ancient Techniques for Extraordinary Results
Author José Luis Stevens
ISBN: 9781950253128
Book (Paperback)
Hierophant Publishing, Hierophant Publishing
5.25 x 8
224 pages
May 18, 2021


Discover the secrets of shamanistic prayer for healing and inner peace.

This is a book about prayer—but not the kind of prayer that you are probably familiar with. It is a book about shamanistic prayer that will teach you how to get in touch with the universe and communicate with Spirit.

It is a book that will initiate you into a new way of being, one that will incorporate the wisdom of the ages—the secret teachings of Indigenous peoples. José Luis Stevens will lead you on a spiritual path that covers the entire range of human experience, from gratitude, worship, and celebration to grief, guilt, affliction, supplication, and suffering. This incredibly potent spiritual practice is one of humankind’s most ancient and enduring activities and is as prevalent today as it was thousands of years ago.

Building on his decades of training and teaching in the shamanic tradition, Stevens offers a complete guide to this universal, transformative practice in How to Pray the Shaman’s Way. This book is not only an in-depth exploration of prayer as an innate human phenomenon but also a practical guide for initiating or deepening your own rich prayer practice. Packed with inspired prayers that can be adapted for many different traditions, this book is a deep dive into the world of personal transformation, healing, and spiritual guidance.

José Luis Stevens, PhD, is an international lecturer, teacher, psychologist, licensed clinical social worker, and author of eighteen books. He serves on the board of the Society of Shamanic Practitioners and is the cofounder of the Power Path School of Shamanism and the Center for Shamanic Education and Exchange. Visit him at
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