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The Oracle of Ur
Penny Barron
ISBN: 9781950639052
Book (Paperback)
Ozark Mountain Publishing, Inc., Big Sandy Press
5.5 x 8.5 Inches
328 pages
1 B&W Map
March 1, 2022



In ancient Sumer, 3800 BC indentured and forced into prostitution to survive, a reluctant seer known only as Girl, finds herself experiencing cataclysmic visions. Kaylem, most junior scribe of the Temple and her one, true friend, realizes Girl is the mouthpiece of the gods and is the only one to believe her. Somehow, Girl and Kaylem must convince the corrupt priestcraft of Ur to heed Girl’s message from the gods and bring her warning to the people.

Otherwise, what is the point of knowing if nobody will listen?

Penny Barron lives with her three children and Sid, the failed farm dog, on the northern beaches of Sydney. In an ideal world, Barron would have infinite amounts of time to indulge her obsessions, which include delving into the hidden magic of ancient civilizations, exploring the subtleties of the healing arts, and contemplating the deeper esoteric realities. Of course, reading from an endless and eclectic supply of books while lying in the bath sipping on kombucha would have to be a regular occurrence as well.
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