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Sound Healing with the Five Elements
Sound Instruments - Sound Therapy - Sound Energy
Daniel Perret
ISBN: 9789074597890
Book (Paperback)
Binkey Kok, Holland
6 x 8
184 pages
August 15, 2005


Sound created by singing bowls, drums, flutes, string instruments, and many others described in this book, can produce healing effects. Many music therapists and sound healers have been using this knowledge with success. Working with sound healing to harmonize body, soul, and spirit is more complex than just working with music or using sounds. Our consciousness is the key to lasting changes, and sounds can work as keyholes.

The system of the five elements--earth, water, fire, air, and space--creates a comprehensive approach to using sound that integrates body zones, emotions, and thought patterns as well as the subtle anatomy, the energy fields of the human being. Perret learned how the use of the ancient wisdom of the five elements can produce a harmonic balance. In working with sound healing we need to find the right sounds for a person. An "earth" person may need some "fiery" sounds and instruments to get a step further, while an "airy" person may need more "earth," or more "grounding."

This is a practical handbook for therapists and anyone else interested in sound healing.

Daniel Perret, born in Switzerland in 1950, has been working as a music therapist since 1981. He has studied transpersonal psychology, spiritual healing, and the effects of music on the subtle anatomy for more than 20 years. He has released several CDs and books, including Roots of Musicality: Music Therapy and Personal Development, as well as a number of scientific papers on music therapy. He lives with his wife Marie in southwestern France.
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Binkey Kok