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50 American Revolutions You're Not Supposed to Know
Reclaiming American Patriotism
Michael Zezima
ISBN: 9781932857184
Book (Paperback)
Disinformation Books
5 x 5 1/2
128 pages
September 1, 2005


Since when was it unpatriotic to dissent? Why is it “un-American” to question our government’s policies? And how did the Far Right manage to claim the flag exclusively for itself?

A book that the country desperately needs, 50 American Revolutions is a concise, quick guide to the people and events in our country’s history that progressives and anyone not impressed by the radical Right’s warped version of patriotism can be proud of. Author Mickey Z begins with Thomas Paine’s revolutionary manifesto Common Sense, written anonymously as a pamphlet in January 1776 and read by every member of Congress, and goes on to highlight the most notable people and events in the history of the United States, right through to the families of 9/11 victims in the group Peaceful Tomorrows questioning the connection between the events of that day and the United States’ subsequent acts of aggression in Iraq.

In addition to concise essays on everything and everyone from the Bill of Rights to disability rights, Coxey’s Army to Public Enemy, Mickey also highlights important milestones along the timeline of the book, making for a complete picture of US history, good with bad.

As with Russ Kick’s ultra-popular 50 Things You’re Not Supposed To Know, 50 American Revolutions is perfectly sized for handbags and coat pockets (it’s the same size as a CD), it’s a tremendous gift for anyone whose idea of patriotism needs some revision.

A self-educated kickboxing instructor who lectures on foreign policy at MIT in his spare time, Mickey Z has been called a “professional iconoclast” by Newsday. TimeOut New York says he’s a “political provocateur.” To Howard Zinn, he’s “iconoclastic and bold.” The author of four books, most recently The Seven Deadly Spins: Exposing the Lies Behind War Propaganda, Mickey lives in Queens, New York.
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