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Fairies at Work and Play
Geoffrey Hodson
ISBN: 9780835605533
Book (Paperback)
Quest Books
5 x 8
126 pages
January 1, 1982


There is another order of evolution running parallel to and blending with our own. Clairvoyant Geoffrey Hodson captures the vast variety of etheric forms working with nature, stimulating growth, bringing color to the flowers, brooding over nature’s beauty, dancing in the wind and sunlight. Meet the magical miniature world of green, transparent sea spirits; the entrancingly beautiful undine; the laughing, delicate, golden fairie; the slim, graceful, flowingly robed nature devas; and the ancient hard working brownies. Learn to perceive and partake in the work of the dynamic, unseen forces and forms which surround us and propel us toward our own human evolutionary potentials.

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