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The Brightened Mind
A Simple Guide to Buddhist Meditation
Ajahn Sumano Bhikku
ISBN: 9780835608992
Book (Paperback)
Quest Books
5 x 7
115 pages
May 1, 2011


"The American Buddhist monk Ajahn Sumano Bhikkhu (Questions from the City), one of the early Western students of Ajahn Chah and founder of ten Theravada Buddhist centers across Europe, is an experienced author. This most recent, brief, accessible book focuses on a simple aspect of Buddhist practice: meditation, keyed to bring about focused awareness, which ultimately will bring readers closer to the Universal Mind. VERDICT Not for beginners in Buddhism, Ajahn Sumano’s cheerful and direct text will be a true eye-opener for practicing Buddhists." —

"In recent years, meditation has earned a special place in the current pantheon of spiritual and self-help treatments as a universal remedy for many of our current personal ills. At just over 100 pages, this small volume begins with a short discussion on the uses for meditation and quickly launches into a succession of short, pithy chapters on the nature of mind, the need for spiritual education, and step-by-step instructions on preparing for and engaging in a meditation session. Bhikkhu, an ordained monk and follower of famed Thai Buddhist master Ajahn Chah, provides the reader with a clear, basic understanding of samatha, or calm-abiding, meditation without an overwhelming amount of terminology or dogma." —Taina Lagodzinski, Booklist
The brightened mind is one that is able to make better choices," says Sumano Bhikkhu. Having left the hectic world of Chicago real estate decades ago to become a Thai Buddhist monk, he knows what he’s talking about. This simple, short introduction to meditation, particularly well suited to young people, can help anyone rattled with the stresses of living in today’s society rife with financial uncertainty, war, crime, and the psychological assaults of bosses, teachers, and the media. His methods increase awareness, strengthen positive mental states, and develop insight. Eventually, the feeling of being overwhelmed becomes replaced with a sense of innate brilliance and trust in one’s natural abilities. Moreover, the meditation Sumano teaches opens access to the infinite wisdom of the Universal Mind. An appendix on lovingkindness is an added benefit, providing the tools needed to face all challenges with a poised, cool, and compassionate heart.

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