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Path of the Sacred Pipe
Journey of Love, Power, and Healing
Jay Cleve, PhD
ISBN: 9780835609098
Book (Paperback)
Quest Books
6 x 9
224 pages
November 27, 2012


"Dr. Cleve's book offers a complete and fascinating exploration of the Sacred Pipe ceremony: its history, symbols, and cosmology. The book will appeal both to those who revere this ceremony, and to those curious to learn more about it. I recommend it to all who seek a deeper understanding of the religion of earth-loving indigenous peoples." --Marlise Wabun Wind, co-author, The Medicine Wheel, Black Dawn/Bright Day, Woman of the Dawn

“In writing Path of the Sacred Pipe, Jay Cleve has gifted the world with an inspiring and informative work. He not only describes the history and use of the sacred pipe of the Plains Indians, but he skillfully chronicles associated ceremonies in which the pipe is used and he emphasizes proper instructions and guidelines according to traditional teachings. As Black Elk said, ‘The power of a ceremony is the understanding of it.’ Jay Cleve enhances our understanding with this book, and the power of the native ways clearly comes through as a result." --Doug Alderson, author of The Vision Keepers: Walking for Native Americans and the Earth
In these days of global crisis, thoughtful seekers increasingly turn to Native Americans for healing wisdom. The Sacred Pipe is the medicine, says Jay Cleve in this informative and practical guide to a key practice of Native American spirituality. The Hopi and other ancient cultures predicted our present age as one of transition into a New World. The galactic alignment ending the Mayan calendar on December 21, 2012 occurs only every 26,000 years and is thought to be a critical time for raising consciousness to align with the radical expansion of Earth energies. Cleve shows how the Pipe can facilitate transformation on both the personal and planetary levels. He explains its use in rituals such as the sweat lodge, the vision quest, and the sun dance and in relation to the Medicine Wheel. He also provides practical information on obtaining and caring for a Pipe and on preparing for and performing the Pipe ceremony.

Jay Cleve holds a B.A. in Psychology, an M.A. in Clinical Psychology, and a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology. He has studied alternative and holistic approaches to psychology and healing for over 40 years and holds a ministerial license through Dalphi University. He is also an Ordained Spiritual Healer. An apprentice to Sun Bear and the Bear Tribe for many years, Cleve has received extensive training in the Sacred Pipe, sweat lodge, medicine wheel and other aspects of Native spirituality. As Director of the Community Mental Health Center in Stevens Point, Wis. for the past 17 years, he continues to attend and give workshops on holistic approaches to psychology. He is the author of Out of the Blues, a self-help depression book (CompCare, 1989; Berkeley of New York, revised, 1994) which has been published in German, Dutch, Russian and Chinese. Cleve works in Madison, Wis. and resides in Stevens Point, Wis.
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