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The Black Goddess of Dakshineswar
Elizabeth Harding
ISBN: 9780892540259
Book (Paperback)
5 3/8 x 8 1/4
352 pages
January 15, 1993


"Never before in print have I seen Her brought to life with such passion and truth." -Ma Jaya, spiritual teacher, author of The River

"This book will help clear the misunderstanding about the Hindu goddess Kali. The author'srational and devotional approach made her work authentic and inspiring." -Swami Chetanananda, The Vedanta Society of St. Louis. Color frontispiece
Kali, The Black Goddess of Dakshineswar by Elizabeth U. Harding provides a wealth of information about the worship of the Goddess Kali. This book gives an intimate and detailed description of Kolkata's famous Dakshineswar temple and Ma Bhavatarini, the form of Kali worshipped there. Learn about the temple's festivals & daily rituals, and discover inspiring accounts of some of this traditions ecstatic saints. A great introduction to Kali worship. Illustrated. Index.

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