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The Book of Pendulum Healing
Charting Your Healing Course for Mind, Body, & Spirit
Joan Rose Staffen
ISBN: 9781578636365
Book (Paperback)
Weiser Books
6 x 9
240 pages
25-30 Pendulum charts
January 1, 2019


"We highly recommend The Book of Pendulum Healing. Joan Staffen provides a user-friendly step by step guide to help anyone tap into their intuitive abilities by using the ancient and honored method of vibrational resonance. Equally important is Joan’s cogent, powerfully perceptive approach to healing itself. Few of us appreciate or fully consider the multidimensional levels of causation underlying health problems and life impediments. The reader is gifted with invaluable maps and tools for fully assessing the origins of any healing issue; as well as rich array of viable options for its resolution.

This is not a book you will read and then store away on some shelf to gather dust. Rather, The Book of Pendulum Healing will become your new best friend. It is a lifetime user’s manual for how to access a deeper Core of Self; how to actualize human potential by gaining ever greater insight and mastery regarding life’s challenges and inherent blessings." --Patricia Kaminski, Executive Director, Flower Essence Society

"Joan Staffen’s Book of Pendulum Healing is a great introduction to receiving healing guidance through the use of divination and pendulum dowsing. The tips and techniques Joan outlines will enhance one's intuition and channeling abilities.” --Amy Zerner & Monte Farber, authors of The Truth Fairy Pendulum Kit and The Psychic Circle

The Book of Pendulum Healing, suitable for beginners and adepts alike, offers clear, concise instructions for using ancient dowsing techniques, a modern pendulum, and 30 interrelated intuitive healing charts as a spiritual guidance system.

The lessons provided are practical—the dowsing process provides concrete, visible-to-the-eye answers and solutions—and other easy-to-learn healing techniques such as communication with the angelic realm, affirmative prayer, meditation, and aura clearing are also included.

This profound system opens one’s mind to inner intuition and wisdom and addresses many key intellectual, emotional, physical, and spiritual issues.

Joan Rose Staffen is a writer, artist, and psychic healer. On the spiritual path since her early twenties, she has explored many healing modalities including psychic healing, yoga, meditation, a Course in Miracles, Unity Church principals and prayers, and spiritual response therapy, a dowsing system for deep healing. Currently, she works and plays in an intentional artist community in Santa Cruz, California, called the Tannery Arts Lofts where she provides workshops and psychic healings. Photo: Devi Pride Photography
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