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Queen Bee
Discover Your Feminine Power!
Valerie Khoo
ISBN: 9781590030417
Book (Hardcover)
Red Wheel
6 1/2 x 6 3/4
80 pages
September 15, 2002


So what are you: a busy bee, a bumble bee, a honey bee? Maybe it's not much fun being a worker bee -- droning through a monotonous daily routine. How does a woman get to be a queen bee?

This light-hearted approach to self-improvement, illustrated in vibrant color and filled with word and picture puns, is serious as a bee sting. By showing how to utilize her animal instincts -- intuition, brains, and innate strengths -- Queen Bee will put new buzz into any woman's life. Quips, advice, stories of queen bees throughout history, and simple techniques for setting goals all combine to help readers recognize themselves, figure out what kind of bee they are, and achieve their dreams.

Chapters like "What's the buzz in your hive," "The love queen," "Queen bee essentials," and "Make your life as sweet as honey" serve up just the right amount of sass and attitude to complement proven tools for empowerment.

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