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A Thought Is Just a Thought
A Story of Living with OCD
Leslie Talley
ISBN: 9781590560655
Book (Paperback)
Lantern Publishing & Media, Lantern Publishing & Media
7.75 x 7.25
24 pages
Line Drawings Throughout
January 1, 2011


In this companion to his first book, An Unchanged Mind, John A. McKinnon provides invaluable advice to all parents of teenagers and young adults. Using case studies gathered from his years helping parents with troubled adolescents, Dr. McKinnon explores the ways that adolescent development can be derailed in today's complex culture and how parents can prevent this from happening in the first place. Dr. McKinnon writes about how parents need to recognize their children as individuals, with their own feelings and opinions, as they start to establish their separate identities as young people and begin to negotiate their way through high school and beyond. He also makes clear that parents must continue to establish limits. These allow children to flourish and further their goals within boundaries that enable them to learn the consequences of their actions (both good and bad), thus providing a fundamental lesson of being an adult. Dr. McKinnon explains that, in tandem, parental recognition and limit-setting promote maturity. Packed full of examples and containing sensible and practical advice for parents of pre-teens or teenagers, To Change a Mind is an essential guidebook for parents seeking to make their livesóand the lives of their childrenóricher and more fulfilling, as the family navigates together the potentially treacherous seas of adolescence.

Leslie Talley is an author and illustrator who lives in Eden, North Carolina.
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