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A Taste of Silence
Centering Prayer and the Contemplative Journey
Carl J. Arico
ISBN: 9781590565254
Book (Paperback)
Lantern Publishing & Media, Lantern Publishing & Media
5.5 x 8.5
176 pages
December 15, 2015


Like John Wesley or Jean Pierre de Caussade before him, Catholic priest Arico provides the devout with a model and method for the attainment of a deeper spirituality; unlike them, he feels free to draw wisdom not only from Christian and ancient models but also from Sufism and Thomas Merton to show us how 'God is calling us from our tombs' to the experience of 'divine union.' Arico's spirituality and warmth are profound, and his guide shall be well received by most Christian readers.—Library Journal

Carl Arico is a founding member and the current vice president of Contemplative Outreach, Ltd., founded in 1984 to foster the process of transformation in Christ in one another through the practice of Centering Prayer. Father Arico has practiced Centering Prayer since 1975 and taught the prayer since 1978.
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