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Everybody Has A Book Inside of Them
How To Bring It Out
Ann Marie Sabath
ISBN: 9781632651693
Book (Paperback)
Career Press
5 ¼ x 8 1/2
192 pages
June 13, 2019

Currently Not Available for Purchase

"After spending more than five years in the National Football League, I know a great coach when I see one! Ann Marie Sabath was mine. She brought out the book in me. I call her 'The Book Whisperer.'”

Julius Jones, Former Running Back, Dallas Cowboys, Seattle Seahawks and New Orleans Saints

"As a journalist, I believe everyone has a story—just not everyone is wearing a sign. She does an incredible job pushing you to bring out your story, answering questions many probably haven't even thought of. It's definitely a must read if you're thinking of writing a book."

AJ Abell, reporter, Fox 17 News in Nashville

“Anyone with a story to tell will benefit from Everyone Has A Book Inside Of Them. And that’s just about any of us. Ann Marie provides answers to questions for both the novice wordsmith to the accomplished novelist-to-be. Her experience as a successful writer is invaluable in helping others understand the true ‘ins and outs’ of the writing world.”

Jordan Rich, Co-Founder, Chart Productions, Host of “On Mic with JR” Podcast, WBZ Boston Radio Personality

You have undoubtedly read books by many esteemed prolific authors, but have you ever wished you could get inside their minds and learn how to bring out the book inside of YOU?

In Everybody Has a Book Inside of Them, you will do just that. You will learn firsthand from Ann Marie Sabath and her army of author colleagues the answers to the questions you’ve always wanted to ask about the writing process. Whether it is how to get your writing motor revved, rid yourself of those dirty writing doubts, or learn the power of KITA for meeting deadlines, Sabath will show you how to make your dream of becoming an author a reality. Some of the 40 topics addressed are:
  • How long does it take to write a book?
  • Why knowing your reader is a must before you begin
  • What motivates authors? Love or money?
  • When to stop writing while you are ahead
  • What seasoned authors would tell their younger selves
  • How a bestselling author structures their book

With her honesty, sense of humor, and encouragement, Ann Marie will bring you several steps closer to bringing out that book in you. Her easy-to-follow guidelines, trade tips, and valuable insights from other experienced authors will get your writing engine revved. In reading Sabath’s guide, you will find the voice of a compassionate coach who simply will not let you get away with NOT writing a book of your own.

Ann Marie Sabath is the founder of At Ease Inc., a 30-year-old New York–based business consulting firm. Sabath has given more than 200,000 individuals representing Fortune 500 companies across the globe that added polish to help build their organization’s profits. Her goal for writing this book is to now assist individuals in learning how to become masters of their own personal success. She is the author of Business Etiquette and other business titles for Career Press and has appeared in numerous media, including Oprah.
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