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The Tai Chi Space
How to Move in Tai Chi and Qi Gong
Paul Cavel
ISBN: 9781904658986
Illustrated by Sophie Manham
Book (Paperback)
AEON Books
6 x 9
144 pages
B&W illustrations
November 1, 2017


For sale in North America only

This pictorial guide with supporting text is the first of its kind, illuminating the fundamentals of the arts of tai chi and qi gong through metaphor and visuals that are easy to understand.

Beginning students will learn basic principles in a simple format, while experienced stylists will discover nuances that shed light on the secrets of deep, internal, and energetic training that powers the well-documented health and healing benefits of the arts.

Paul Cavel is the founder and principal of the Tai Chi Space, a London-based school established to teach Water Method arts. He has been a full-time health, healing, and meditation arts teacher for over 20 years, and hes a certified soft tissue and injury therapist. Paul holds a mechanical engineering certificate from London City and Guilds and is an avid blogger and the editor of Inner Quest, a self-published journal dedicated to sharing the lineage teachings of the Water Method.
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