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Think Like a Publisher
33 Essential Tips to Write, Promote, and Sell Your Book
Randy Davila
ISBN: 9781938289163
Book (Paperback)
Hierophant Publishing
5 x 7
160 pages
September 1, 2013


"Randy is a wonderful publisher who truly care about his authors and the books he helps bring into the world." –don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements

"Think Like A Publisher is a must read for both new and experienced authors. Its simple, practical and powerful approach gives you all you need to know about authoring your own work. I read the entire book in one sitting and I encouraged my entire staff to read it too. Anyone who wants to write a book and gain valuable insight to the new world of publishing, this book is the magnum opus." –Dr. Joe Dispenza, author of You Are the Placebo, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, and Evolve Our Brain

The publishing world has changed! An explosion in printed books, E-books, and self-publishing has contributed to more new titles coming to market than ever before. With so much happening, how does a new author stand out from the crowd? Not to mention turn a profit.

In Think Like a Publisher: 33 Essential Tips to Write, Promote, and Sell Your Book, Randy Davila, President of Hampton Roads Publishing & Hierophant Publishing, explains the nuances of the publishing industry in plain English, and gives authors all the tools necessary to be successful in today’s rapidly changing publishing world.

Broken down into three easy to follow categories of Editorial, Marketing, and Business specific tips, Think Like a Publisher offers invaluable insight into how publishers think about manuscripts, marketing, and their partnership with the author.You will also learn:

  • What publishers (and readers!) look for in a manuscript
  • The most common new author writing mistakes—and how to avoid them
  • The makings of a great book title and cover
  • The pros and cons of self-publishing vs. traditional publishing
  • How to build your author platform and gain a following
  • The ins and outs of the business side of publishing—contracts, royalties, agents, and more!

For any writer who has felt intimidated by the prospect of bringing a book into the world, Think Like a Publisher offers a one-stop guide to understanding the publishing industry and what it takes to make your book a success!

Randy Davila is the president of Hierophant Publishing and Hampton Roads Publishing Company. He has published many New York Times best-selling authors, including Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, Neale Donald Walsch, Richard Bach, Jack Canfield, and more.
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