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Snap Out of It
101 Ways to Get Out of Your Rut and into Your Groove
Ilene Segalove
ISBN: 9781590030615
Book (Paperback)
Red Wheel
6 x 7
192 pages
January 15, 2003


Explode routine. Liberate mojo. Transform a rut into a groove. For those who want to burst out of the tried and true to live and work more daringly, creatively and deeply, Snap Out of It offers 101 snappy ways readers can get their creative groove back.

Artist Ilene Segalove shows how simply exploring the realm of our senses can unleash undreamed of creative powers from the chains of habit and routine. Snap Out of It "snaps" us back into paying attention to our lives by using our senses to get at a deeper, more exciting reality.

In addition to longer, more involved sensory activities, Segalove offers "Quick Snaps" that anyone can do on the fly to shake things up a little, including: Pound your fists on your chest and do an ear-popping Tarzan call of the wild. Or, lightly click your teeth together for one full minute.

here are also other, longer "snaps" that help readers go deeper.

* Eavesdropping: "Listen to the sounds of your house. Wander through your home and slow down your pace. Move in circles rather than straight lines. This will heighten and enhance your ability to gather sound and sharpen your listening."

* Kissing: "Kiss the Air. Pucker up and make a kissing sound out loud... Now kiss yourself... Try your forearm."

* Blinking: "Blink your eyes really fast. Open, close, open, close. Create the effect of watching an old time movie. Now squeeze your eyes tightly shut and then do another round of quick blinking."

Snap Out of It engages the five senses to unravel the knots of habit and routine to reawaken a spirit of play and help anyone burst through the daily grind into vitality, creativity, and ease.

Red Wheel/Weiser - World