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Writing the Sacred Journey
The Art and Practice of Spiritual Memoir
Elizabeth Andrew
ISBN: 9781558964709
Book (Paperback)
Skinner House Books
6 1/4 x 7
256 pages
January 15, 2005


“Andrew is a subtle and courageous spiritual memoirist. Her candid and compelling ability to share the hard-won secrets of her artistry with fellow writers is borne out in this fine book.” —Lawrence Sutin, author of A Postcard Memoir
Writing the Sacred Journey shows readers how to write about spirituality and the interior life with heart and flair. It helps readers get motivated, generate materials, move swiftly through drafts, and gain confidence and ease in their writing. Writing the Sacred Journey helps readers to uncover and honor the sacred within their own life stories.

Elizabeth Andrew, an experienced writing instructor and spiritual director, gently guides readers through the spiritual writing process from concept to finished manuscript. She identifies some of the initial hurdles writers face in describing the interior, spiritual life and offers practical tips about how to overcome them.

Writing the Sacred Journey also explores themes that commonly appear in spiritual memoir, as well as the all-important issue of writing as craft. Readers will learn new and practical skills for every stage of the writing process. Sprinkled throughout the book, these thoughtful activities teach readers new writing techniques and avenues into the creative process.

Drawing from her own experience as well as that of her students, Andrew offers many useful writing tips:
* Write a little every day. Produce small bursts of solid creative material without becoming overworked or overwhelmed.

* Create writing rituals. Find a favorite pen, notebook, and chair. Light a candle. Go to the same corner cafe.

* Be wild and fearless. Write whatever comes. There’s always time later for focusing and cleaning up the writing.

* Find a writing community. A writing group or partner helps readers to stay motivated and keep writing.

Writing the Sacred Journey empowers readers to discover and transform their inner voices.

Elizabeth Andrew is a writing instructor and spiritual director. She teaches memoir, essay, and journal writing at the Loft Literary Center in Minneapolis. Andrew is also author of Swinging on the Garden Gate: A Spiritual Memoir and has published short memoirs and essays in religious and literary journals. She lives in Minnesota.

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