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The Mystical Dream Tarot
Life Guidance from the Depths of Our Unconscious (Book & Cards)
Janet Piedilato
ISBN: 9781859064535
Kit (mixed media)
Eddison Books
6 1/4 x 8 1/2
160 pages
December 1, 2019


For sale in North America only

“With stunning images from Tom Duxbury, Janet Piedilato has re-created the classic Tarot as a landscape of dreams. As both a practicing psychologist and someone deeply steeped in shamanic and other traditions, Dr. Piedilato helps us see that dreams while always personal to the dreamer, also form part of a worldwide spiritual tradition. Her own dreams, and her awareness of them as part of that oldest of all traditions, form the basis for this powerful, and delightful, Tarot and book.” – Rachel Pollack, author of Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom

This remarkable tarot emerges directly from the mystical realms of dream and vision, manifesting completely fresh imagery. Pregnant with possibilities that shine light upon the hidden and reveal new pathways of understanding, each image—direct from the author’s own dream experiences—is an original offering rich with powerful insights designed to awaken that which is essential for moving forward on our journey of self-discovery.

The stunning deck and accompanying guidebook invite you to discover the wisdom and truth that lie beyond the limited view of waking reality and to draw upon the power of your unconscious—the insight of your psyche—to meet life’s challenges and achieve your goals.

Janet Piedilato is a transpersonal psychologist, complementary health-care consultant, and ordained minister who has spent a lifetime studying the value of altered states as represented by visionary, dream, and shamanic experiences. She holds doctorates in biology and transpersonal psychology, and studied under Stanley Krippner, the world-renowned dream psychologist. She runs a private practice offering workshops and spiritual service at the Journey Within in New Jersey.
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Eddison Books - For sale in North America only