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Soul-Centered Living in the 21st Century
Laura Grace
ISBN: 9781912807901
Book (Paperback)
AEON Books, AEON Books
6 x 9
192 pages
November 30, 2020

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Dreams: Soul-Centered Living in the 21st Century begins with some basic information: seven steps to effective dream recall, befriending dream characters—especially disturbing dream images—plus recognizing the six essential dream keys accentuating self-awareness. Yet it also reaches deeper into the numinous and somatic nature of dreams and how significant they are to every area of life: intimate relationships, physical and emotional health, financial security, discovering purpose and passion, and fulfilling the needs unique to soul.

Employing Carl Jung’s process of Active Imagination and Amplification, this book reveals how dream images are alive and reside deep within us, and how animating our most disturbing dream images can unleash their greatest potential. Further, the power of the living image and hidden energies of Eros, Anima, and the Animus archetypes are highlighted which shows how the integration of the “divine marriage” between the Anima and Animus occurs and why it is necessary for individuation. Using real life dreams, the reader is shown how to face both the dark and light sides of the Shadow, unlocking the tremendous energy contained within Shadow. In Chapter Seven, careful attention is paid to nightmares and reframing them into supportive messages to help the dreamer uncover hidden fears, anxieties and self-doubts. In Chapters Eight and Nine, psychospiritual pathways of alchemy and cutting edge practices, developed by the author, are explored: Waking Dreaming™ and Somatic Dream Expression. Waking Dreaming is a unique technique for looking through the lens of waking-time experiences and viewing them similarly to a nighttime dream. Waking Dreaming embodies the importance of synchronicity, leading to heightened wakefulness while enhancing nighttime dream recall and understanding. This unique process artfully combines the inner and outer dimensions, the conscious and unconscious, expanding one’s personal and spiritual evolution. Somatic Dream Expression™ teaches the dreamer how to combine the art of “movement” with dream imagery. Extracting from the author’s clients’ physical symptoms and dreams, the reader will learn how to employ this gentle process to address physical pain.

Dreams: Soul-Centered Living in the 21st Century views all dream images as gifts that psyche offers us. This book highlights the intelligence they possess and how to work with dream images that supports the dreamer’s pathway toward individuation. Exercises are provided at the end of every chapter for clarifying dreams, including, recalling dreams in seven effective steps, decoding the language of dreams and understanding a recorded dream text, exploring dreams for their underlying themes and messages, using the techniques of active imagination and amplification, working with somatic dreams, understanding the psyche-soma connection, and employing somatic processes to overcome physical and emotional pain.

Laura V. Grace is the producer of the Central Coast Women's Symposium and a Jungian practitioner in San Luis Obispo, CA. As an active member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams, Laura has taught more than two hundred courses on the transforming power of nighttime dreams. Her Waking Dreaming™ and Somatic Dream Expression™ methodologies embody the soma/psyche/spirit connection and teach how dream images, being alive in the body, can be used for healing and transformation. Laura is a PhD candidate at Pacifica Graduate Institute.
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