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Paranormal Confessions
True Stories of Hauntings, Possession, and Horror from the Bellaire House
Author Kristin Lee
ISBN: 9781642970265
Book (Paperback)
Hampton Roads Publishing Company, Hampton Roads Publishing
5.25 x 8.5
208 pages
August 1, 2021


Paranormal Confessions is a wonderfully creepy book. After spending a few nights at the Bellaire House and experiencing the spirits within its walls. I can say it's very haunted and still has a few secrets to share…”—Johnny Zaffis, Paranormal Investigato

“There is no better tour guide to the mysterious and highly haunted Bellaire House than Kristin Lee. In Paranormal Confessions, Lee takes us room by room, from attic to underground tunnels, recounting the house’s history, introducing its ghostly inhabitants, and sharing her own experiences and encounters. Paranormal Confessions is a deliciously shivery book.” —Judika Illes, author of Encyclopedia of Spirits

“Intriguing and educational, Paranormal Confessions is a fascinating compendium of the many types of entities, both benevolent and malevolent, that may inhabit a location--or even a person, as with parasitic attachments. Expertly written from direct experiences, Kristin Lee scrupulously explains not only the many signs of paranormal activity, but also the causes or reasons that hauntings may occur. Most impressive are her “Helpful Hints” at the end of each chapter, which include brilliant protection techniques to avoid both spiritual and physical harm. Paranormal Confessions is now part of my personal working library and will be used as a reference guide for years to come.” —Miss Aida, Author of Hoodoo Cleansing and Protection Magic

“I have investigated locations for 35 years. I have been to places that are terribly frightening and some that are quite benign. The Bellaire House is a location that I will always hold dear to my heart.

Many who are investigators will know that when you investigate a location, you may have little to no paranormal activity. When it comes to the Bellaire House, it is the exception and it behooves any paranormal investigator or those who are considering becoming an investigator to read this book and learn from Kristin who survived this terrifying nightmare.

I was able to witness firsthand the activity that Kristin writes in her book and without hesitation, I can tell you that the Bellaire House is one of the most active haunted locations that I have ever investigated.  I was honored that I was asked to perform the Minor Rite of Exorcism and help my friend.” —Bishop James Long, Exorcist and archbishop in the Old Catholic Church.

True stories of hauntings, possessions, and things that go bump in the night.

Built in 1847 on the banks of the Ohio River, the Bellaire House is reputed to be one of the most haunted houses in America. Since the early twentieth century it has earned a reputation as a hotbed of paranormal activity, with reports of apparitions, curses, psychic assaults, and violence.

This is a collection of true ghost stories from the owner of the Bellaire House and the proprietor of the Bellaire House Afterlife Research Center. It is a mix of lurid and heartwarming stories that both entertain and convey to the reader what the dead want us to know. Stories include accounts of a ghostly sexual assault, communications from spirits of slaves (the house was part of the Underground Railroad) and French and Native American ghosts from the eighteenth-century battlefield, and tales of madness.

Kristin Lee is a mental health professional and psychic medium who helps families and their children to overcome paranormal and demonic entities. She is a former reverend high priestess of the old-world Stregherian religion and the proprietor of the Bellaire House Afterlife Research Center.
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