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The Art of Spiritual Warfare
A Guide to Lasting Inner Peace Based on Sun Tsu's The Art of War
Grant Schnarr, Foreword by Robert L. Moore
ISBN: 9780835607872
Book (Paperback)
Quest Books
6 x 9
168 pages
August 1, 2000


"Grant Schnarr's words pour forth with an eloquence born of integrity. Here is truly a spiritual autobiography, written with the passion and experience of a man who knows the terrain of the spiritual battlefront, understands the tactics of the enemy, and wages Holy War-- that is, a war of love. He is an inspiring friend to all, rousing us to join the battle and share in the victory. And in the end, when the smoke and dust have cleared, we discover that, in a miraculous way, our lives have shifted from being self-centered to being spirit-centered." --Ray Silverman, PhD, editor, Helen Keller's Light in My Darkness

"Grant Schnarr delivers ancient wisdom for modern times. He teaches us the art of the spiritual warrior, and he does so with discipline, compassion, and courageous self examination. These are necessary skills for a new millennium." --Dawn Callan, author of Awakening the Warrior Within
Nowadays, people search Sun Tsu's ancient war manual for business strategies. Going deeper, Grant Schnarr finds how to defeat our true enemy- our own negativity. Read by rock stars and military generals, here are brilliant tactics for enlisting higher powers, outwitting self-destruction, and championing integrity and love.

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