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The Art of the Pendulum
Simple techniques to help you make decisions, find lost objects, and channel healing energies.
Cassandra Eason
ISBN: 9781578633562
Book (Paperback)
Weiser Books
5 1/2 x 8 1/2
144 pages
April 15, 2005


Dowsing with a pendulum, or radiaesthesia, is the most direct form of divination. In The Art of the Pendulum you'll find an excellent overview of how pendulums work and how to work with them. Divination expert Cassandra Eason brings us both a how-to and a history of dowsing and the powerful art of pendulum divination. This very practical book includes exercises progressing from the most simple to the more advanced.

Beginning with the basic theories and practices of dowsing, Eason reveals techniques for finding lost objects, healing, identifying energy fields, and even making sound personal decisions about career, family, and money. She also identifies ways in which dowsing can help us tune in to the psychic world. Learn about the properties of different pendulums and how to choose the best one for your purposes. Gain experience and develop skills for a confident future practice.

An excellent introduction to this age-old divination technique.