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And the Prophet Said
Kahlil Gibranís Classic Text with Newly Discovered Writings
Editor Dalton Hilu Einhorn, Foreword Daniel Ladinsky
ISBN: 9781642970166
Book (Paperback)
Red Wheel Weiser, Hampton Roads Publishing
5 3/8 x 8 1/4
176 pages
B&W art
April 1, 2020


Newly discovered writings from the author of the classic bestseller, The Prophet

And the Prophet Said is a new complete gift edition of Gibran's classic text with over 150 newly discovered poems, aphorisms, and epigrams.

Originally published in 1923 by Knopf, The Prophet is a teaching fable that has been cherished by millions for nearly 100 years. It is a book of wisdom that to live, provides guidance for readers on how to live a life imbued with meaning and purpose. He explores all of life's important issues--including love, marriage, the human condition, friendship, prayer, beauty, death, and much more.

What makes this edition of The Prophet especially exciting is the inclusion of newly discovered Gibran material. In 2017, Dalton Hilu Einhorn gained access to the Gibran/Haskell archives at the University of North Carolina. Buried among this treasure trove of papers, he discovered over 150 of Kahlil Gibran poems, aphorisms, and sayings that had never been published.

Here is classic Gibran wisdom and inspiration that leads readers to contemplate love, beauty, mortality, and meaning. The words have an immediacy and depth that will appeal to the millions who have read The Prophet.

Dalton Hilu Einhorn is the son of Virginia Hilu, who edited, Beloved Prophet, a groundbreaking book about Kahlil Gibran and Mary Haskell based on their letters and her diaries at the University of North Carolina. In 2017, he gained access to the Gibran/Haskell archives at UNC, discovering over 150 Gibran pieces never before published. He lives in Massachusetts.
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