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Galba's Men
The Four Emperors Series: Book II
L. J. Trafford
ISBN: 9781912573264
Book (Paperback)
Sphinx Books
October 15, 2018


For sale in North America only

Rome 68 AD. Slaughtering hundreds of civilians at the gates of Rome is hardly the best introduction for new Emperor Galba to his city. However the aged ruler is determined to get on with clearing up the mess Nero left. Assisting him are his three men: Vinius, Laco and Icelus. Also in his entourage one Marcus Salvius Otho. Jovial, charming and fatally reckless Otho is armed with a killer idea: Wouldn't it be marvellous if the childless Galba adopted him as his heir? Appointing old pal Epaphroditus as his campaign manager, Otho sets about winning hearts and minds in his own unique cheery way. For Epaphroditus it is a harmless way of enlivening his post Nero retirement; either Galba makes Otho his heir, or he doesnít. What could possibly go wrong? For once the former Palace manipulator has fatally miscalculated. These are paranoid times and Othoís 'harmless' plan is about to bring Rome to its knees.

L. J. Trafford worked as a tour guide, after gaining a BA Hons in ancient history. This experience was a perfect introduction to writing, involving as it did the need for entertainment and a hefty amount of invention (itís how she got tips!). She now works in London doing something whizzy with databases.
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