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My Guardian Angel
Samara Anjelae
ISBN: 9780963491077
Book (Hardcover)
Belle Tress Books
8 1/4 x 9 1/4
32 pages
September 1, 2004


My Guardian Angel, a timeless book that promotes a deeper understanding of angels and our relationship to them. The luxuriously detailed illustrations are ethereally beautiful, and every page is filled with spiritual wisdom. A Guardian Angel is assigned to the Wonder Window of every soul born, to provide guidance, love and protection throughout the journey of life. While learning about angels we are inspired to love others and ourselves and share our gifts.

Samara Anjelae is an award-winning author, gifted mystic and spiritual strategist. Samara's mystical and medium abilities awakened and heightened in 1991 after she encountered her guardian angel that changed the course of her life. The NBC Angel Special "Angels II: Beyond the Light" featured Samara leaving a highly successful sales career to become a writer and medium, which was inspired by her angel visitation. Angels and guides continue to bless her journey and her work. Samara's books include Angel Prayers and 100 Ways to Attract Angels.

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