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The Brotherhood of Angels and Men
Geoffrey Hodson, Foreword Annie Besant
ISBN: 9780835609517
Book (Paperback)
Quest Books, Quest Books
5.5 x 8.5
101 pages
2 b&w charts
August 30, 2021


A powerful explanation of the connection between humankind and the angels around us.  A chapter-by-chapter guide to a spiritual illumination.  An easy read encompassing the wisdom of unity that is within our reach with nature, and humankind through the messages Geoffrey Hodson received.

Geoffrey Hodson, a renowned clairvoyant of the twentieth century, an important and influential lifelong Theosophist, offers a comprehensive and simple explanation of the wisdom to be offered from our relationship with the Angels among us. The guidance and messages he received from the Angels resonate as strong in today’s world as they did when Mr. Hodson first published this title.

In this not lengthy book Mr. Hodson has combined the Theosophical Ancient Wisdom which he embraced in his own lifetime and the further guidance of Angels. A book for all souls who believe that there is more to our creation than we are aware of with our five senses.

This book was originally published in hardcover in 1927 and more recently in paperback in 1984.  This edition has been re-edited and reformatted.

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