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The Seasons of Change
Using Nature's Wisdom to Grow through Life's Inevitable Ups and Downs
Carol L. McClelland, Ph.D.
ISBN: 9781573240789
Foreward by Paul Pearsall, PhD
Book (Paperback)
Red Wheel
7 x 9
288 pages
January 1, 1998


A wise, helpful book that provides practical tools for one of modern life's greatest challenges -- Change.

True help for everyone -- no matter what difficult or exciting transition you are in! Provides a model based on the four seasons to help align you with natural forces.

Using a simple questionnaire, you can discover where you are in your transition process, how to move forward, and how to not get off track. Includes advice for building a strong support network for times of change.

Carol L. McClelland, Ph.D., author of The Seasons of Change and Nature's Wisdom Deck, is the founder and director of Transition Dynamics. The foundation of her work is an insightful, natural approach to change which integrates two of her life passions - observing nature's daily changes and supporting people as they rediscover themselves during transitions. For the past 15 years, Carol has been studying, speaking, writing, and consulting on the process of change. She developed her interest in transitions in 1983, while completing her Ph.D. in Industrial/ Organizational Psychology at Purdue University. During her career, Carol has mentored, trained and managed fast-trackers, facilitated more than 700 career transitions, supported hundreds of people (who thought they were stuck in a rut for life) in creating magnificent lives for themselves, taught at Purdue University and San Jose State University, and is a frequent speaker at professional meetings and community events. She facilitated support groups for the Palo Alto YWCA Women Entrepreneurs Program for five years and she’s listed in the Who's Who of American Women, 1995-1996
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