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Meant to Be
Miraculous True Stories to Inspire a Lifetime of Love
Joyce and Barry Vissell
ISBN: 9781573241618
Book (Paperback)
Red Wheel
5 1/4 x 7 1/2
224 pages
February 28, 2000


Does love at first sight only happen in the movies? Not according to relationship experts Barry and Joyce Vissell, who have long believed in the miraculous nature of love.

In Meant to Be, a collection of true and truly extraordinary tales, the editors demonstrate that the hands of destiny are at work behind the scenes of romantic love, yielding stories of unexpected and heartwarming connections.

"We believe there is a strong, largely unseen energy of love guiding us every step of our lives," writes the Vissells. "This guidance brings us to the right relationship at the right time. The sometimes amazing stories in this book show the magnitude and intelligence of this guiding power."

Dramatic, surprising, and unforgettable, these tales of miraculous meetings, reunions, and endings will fill readers with awe, hope, and joy. Meant to Be is a classic in the making, celebrating the mysterious and eternal power of love.

Joyce and Barry Vissell, a nurse and a psychiatrist, and a couple for more than thirty-five years, are the authors of five books: Meant to Be, The Heart's Wisdom, The Shared Heart, Models of Love, and Risk to Be Healed.
Popular speakers, they have offered programs at Omega Institute, New York Open Center, Interface, Whole Life Expos, and hundreds of churches. They are also the recipients of the Aquarian Award, a national honor given to those who have made a significant contribution toward world healing. They currently live at their center and home near Santa Cruz, California.

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