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Speak the Language of Healing
Living with Breast Cancer without Going to War
Susan Kuner, Linda Quigley, Carol Orsborn, Karen Stroup
ISBN: 9781573241687
Foreword by Dr. Jocelyn Elders
Red Wheel
6 x 9
226 pages
January 15, 1999


Four women--each diagnosed with breast cancer--were dismayed to learn that the conventional vocabulary for healing is a language characterized by a terminology of warfare and survivorship, with winners and losers. Speak the Language of Healing is the product of their collective experience in developing a new framework for the emotional stages of illness and a new means to talk about it. Their experiences reflect their four different spiritual backgrounds--Christian, Jewish, Sufi, and Twelve-Step--but they all felt the need to rewrite the combative language of illness with words emphasizing relationship, integration, and spirit. And although the authors were breast cancer patients, their search for meaning, purpose, and emotional balance is universal to anyone facing a life-threatening disease.

From the book:

"Women experience their own brush with mortality not as a test of survivorship but as an initiation into the deeper mysteries of life. For a growing number of us, life-threatening illness carries with it spiritual dimensions and meanings that the current crop of advice books do not even come close to touching. The path of spirit is not the path of competition and war. There is a spiritual pathway through illness, a new language to express ourselves and to speak with others."

Linda Quigley is a university teacher and freelance journalist. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1993 and again in 2004, the latter not a recurrence but a brand new (but hardly improved!) version. She lives in Nashville, Tennessee.
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Carol Orsborn is the author of several books, including Return from Exile, Inner Excellence at Work, and The Art of Resilience. One of the co-authors of Speak the Language of Healing, winner of an Independent Publisher Book Award, she lives in Nashville, Tennessee.

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