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Kick Start
A Cosmic Biker Babe's Guide to Life and Changing the Planet
Carol Setters
ISBN: 9781573242141
Book (Paperback)
Red Wheel
5 x 7
160 pages
April 15, 2005


In Kick Start, Carol Setters inspires women from all walks of life to thumb their noses at whatever social conformity may be holding them back, don imaginary (or actual) leather jackets, and join a radical sisterhood of real and virtual biker babes. But riding a Harley or a Honda isn't the point. It's the metaphor for attitude: Not buying into someone else's idea of who you should be "either CEO or soccer mom" and taking the time and making the effort to figure out who your own best self is and becoming that person.

Setters writes, "We are coming to the realization that the exquisite strength inherent in our gender must be expressed more openly if we are going to participate in saving this planet from its current state of chaos." And that's the real real point. The new self-fulfillment isn't about narcissism. It's about nothing less than the survival of our planet.

The key, Setters writes, is to figure out what really matters to us, what excites us, what bone-deep, do-or-die, must-experience-and-share values and passions are just itching to be born and played out in our lives.

Use this unique book to find out what it is you are really supposed to be doing here on the Biker Planet (Earth), for the benefit of those around you.

Red Wheel/Weiser - World