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Your Personal Pocket Decoder to the Modern Dating Scene
Wendy Tatum, Stephanie Naman, Ian David
ISBN: 9781573242776
Book (Hardcover)
Red Wheel
5 x 7
126 pages
September 14, 2006


Now both men and women can put a name to their pain with BarCode, a sassy glossary of words, definitions, and etymologies that perfectly articulates the bliss--and the blunders--of modern dating. This is the ultimate "she said/he said" for anyone who ever regretted saying anything.

The Agony and the Ex-to-See\the ag-o-ne and the x-ta-ce\n.: Cosmic law that states your most embarrassing moment will be witnessed by your ex.

Kisstake\kis-tak\n.: The act of being caught swapping saliva with someone other than your girlfriend. Example: With his girlfriend out of town, Alan thinks he's safe to indulge in some illicit tongue-tango with this sassy little thing he's just met in a hole-in-the-wall club. Big kisstake!

Message in a Bottle\mes-ij n a bot-l\n.: The late-night, drunken message you left on his machine.

From the happily married who want to reminisce about their swinging single days, to the devastatingly single who want to be married, to the involved but not committed, BarCode is destined to become your new best friend.

Wendy Tatum is an advertising writer whose clients are Southern Living and Coastal Living.
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Stephanie Naman is an editorial and advertising writer whose clients include Cooking Light and Saks Fifth Avenue.
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Ian David was born in London and is an advertising writer.

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