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We Carry Each Other
Getting Through Life's Toughest Times
Eric Langshur, Sharon Langshur, Mary Beth Sammons
ISBN: 9781573243117
Book (Paperback)
Red Wheel
6 x 9
184 pages
October 1, 2007


A Course in Compassionate Caring

We Carry Each Other is the definitive resource on what to say and do when you or a loved one suffer illness or loss. What do you say to a friend with invasive cancer whose body is rejecting her second transplanted kidney? How do you answer when she says, "I'm really scared this time"? How do you comfort your next-door neighbor when she calls to say that her husband died in his sleep? And, what do you do if you are a fiercely independent, single mom who is suddenly brought to her knees when she finds her teenage son is dying?

The stories in We Carry Each Other are born organically through the CarePages community--one of the world's largest social networking sites where lifestyle and health needs meet community and emotional support. These stories of everyday heroes are sure to inspire a social movement in compassionate caring toward those struggling with illness, loss, and life's difficulties, much like Random Acts of Kindness launched worldwide attention to simple acts of goodness.

We Carry Each Other is a guide to finding the courage inside ourselves to open our hearts and spirits, and reach out with caring and compassion when a spouse, child, parent, friend, neighbor, or colleague needs us most.

* Seventy-eight million Baby Boomers are caring for aging parents, children, and grandchildren.

* We Carry Each Other is a guide to finding the courage inside ourselves to open our hears and spirits, and reach out with caring and compassion.

* CarePages is a social networking tool for patients, caregivers, and friends with over 3 million members. It has been featured in USA Today, NBC News, UCLA Health News, and many other outlets.

* A support group in book form with invaluable resources and tips.

Eric Langshur is the founder and CEO of TLContact, Inc., a Chicago-based healthcare services company that provides the service: a nationwide web service for patients, their families, and healthcare providers.
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Sharon Langshur, M.D. has an extensive and varied background in the healthcare field. She has done extensive research and published papers on human genetics and has served as a genetic counselor.
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Mary Beth Sammons is an award-winning journalist and women's issues columnist whose work appears in Family Circle, the Chicago Tribune's lifestyle section, and leading consumer women's magazines. She is currently the "Finding You" editor for and writes for various health and business publications. As an editorial vice-president, Mary Beth launched the editorial departments of the largest consumer health on-line Web site -- and its subsidiary, (Photo: Suzanne Plunkett)
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