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God for President
A Parable About the Power of Love
Lisa Venable, MA
ISBN: 9781573243698
Book (Paperback)
Red Wheel
5 1/2 x 8 1/2
176 pages
June 1, 2008


The fate of the world is at stake, so God is running for president in Lisa Venable's delightful parable.

Sarah Rose, a disillusioned American activist, has retreated from Washington politics to her hometown in Minnesota to work for a friend at the Heavenly Hair Salon. Sarah has essentially given up on God, but one day is provoked by a conversation between customers at the salon about the state of the world and she begins to wonder what God would do as president of the free world. Sarah exclaims, "Imagine it...people would think twice before they act. Laws would be made with love. The water would be clean again. The fighting and wars would cease. God would never allow these atrocities!"

Out of nowhere, a mysterious, dazzling woman drops into Sarah's life and recruits her to help in a run for the Oval Office. Torn by her desire for a better world and her anger with U.S. politics, Sarah tries desperately to resist the woman's magnetism and call to help her country in the name of love.

God for President offers a poignant reminder that listening to each other may get us farther along than shouting, that no one person or party may have the corner on "right" and "the American way."

* A New Age parable for the new millennium - in the tradition of Jonathan Livingston Seagull or The Celestine Prophecy - about trusting the power of love.

* Includes reader's discussion guide and suggested reading.

Lisa Venable, M.A. is an inspirational speaker, spiritual teacher and psychotherapist. She is the Spiritual Director of the Agape Sanctuary in Minneapolis. She consults with the Minnesota State Legislature and has lobbied for progressive children and human service policies at both the state and federal levels. God for President is her first book. Photo: Distinctive Images by Jason

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