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Less Is More
Meditations on Simplicity, Balance, and Real Abundance
Mina Parker, Photographs by Daniel Talbott
ISBN: 9781573244534
Book (Hardcover)
Red Wheel
7 x 8
128 pages
4-color photographs throughout
October 1, 2009


"Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple." --Dr. Seuss

Less Is More is a glorious celebration -- in words and images -- of simple and profound answers. But, is there any way to live the good life in an environment of scarcity? Parker answers with an unequivocal, "Yes." She writes, "We can embrace simplicity as a desired outcome rather than a hardship we can't control. We can throw ourselves into new creation and transform our circumstances into new opportunities by embracing a credo of recycling and renewal. Most of all, we can give back and move forward through a daily practice of gratitude and the intense joy it brings us."

* More than 50 beautiful photos, combined with inspiring and comforting thoughts.

Mina Parker is a freelance writer, editor, and mom. Her other books for Conari are Half Full, Mother Is a Verb, 100 Good Wishes for Baby and Her Inspiration. She has also worked as an actor, a grant writer, and an administrator for several non-profits. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and son.
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Daniel Talbott is an actor, the artistic director of Rising Phoenix Rep Theatre, an award-winning playwright, and a photographer. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife and son.
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