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How Plato and Pythagoras Can Save Your Life
The Ancient Greek Prescription for Health and Happiness
Nicholas Kardaras, PhD
ISBN: 9781573244756
Book (Hardcover)
Red Wheel
5 1/2 x 8 1/2
256 pages
April 1, 2011


"Nicholas Kardaras has undergone a perilous, life-and-death journey and has emerged with a story that must be told. This riveting account reveals the timelessness of authentic wisdom, as well as the majestic, infinite reaches of the mind." -Larry Dossey, MD, Healing Words and The Power of Premonitions

"With wisdom and wit, an accessible account of Greek philosophy--not as a dry academic discipline, but as a lived practice of purification and enhanced awareness, with rich transformative potential for all of us. Readers will enjoy the balanced blend of science, philosophy, and practical and spiritual wisdom; and carrying out the many included experiential exercises can help improve bodily, mental, and spiritual health and well-being, allow greater access to a deeper and more meaningful life and worldview, and foster a fuller realization of our true human potentials." -William Braud, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Institute of Transpersonal Psychology; co-author of Transforming Self and Others through Research and author of Distant Mental Influence.
University professor, psychotherapist and recovering former nightclub owner Dr. Nicholas Kardaras presents a mind blowing, reality rocking, and life changing approach to Greek philosophy. Having once owned celebrity-studded NY nightclubs where he had mingled with the likes of JFK, Jr., Uma Thurman and Tom Cruise, Kardaras would emerge from that glamorous-yet-self-destructive world to discover the powerful and transformative teachings of his ancient ancestors. To his amazement, he learned that ancient Greek philosophy, contrary to popular misconceptions, was not a dry and academic pursuit, but a vibrant and holistic transformative practice.
In How Plato and Pythagoras Can Save You’re your Life, Dr. Kardaras breathes new life into those ancient teachings as he incorporates some of the most cutting edge advances in the fields of quantum mechanics and consciousness research to validate the insights and wisdom of the ancient Greek sages. As he guides readers through an array of contemplative practices designed to help them live a more meaningful life, Kardaras warns the reader to be prepared because they just might also “catch a glimpse of that trippy realm called “Ultimate Reality”.

Nicholas Kardaras, PhD, is a licensed psychotherapist, clinical assistant professor at Stony Brook University, and adjunct professor at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. A former AAU National Karate champion and an unrepentant and unreformed Mets and Knicks fan, his current hobbies include meditation, running, reading the New York Post, chasing around his twin sons, and daydreaming at the beach near his home in Sag Harbor, New York. (Photo credit: Lucy Rojas-Kardaras)
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