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White Silk, Dark Chocolate, and a Little Bit of Magic
Life is Good and We Are Good In It
Barbara Herrick
ISBN: 9781573244817
Book (Hardcover)
Red Wheel
6 x 6
80 pages
4-color illustrations
September 1, 2010


Barbara Herrick celebrates the down-to-earth and the lofty, the mundane and the profound in our everyday lives. “We enter our glory years, full tilt, our heads and hearts high. Our midyears are when we finally find our place and our peace, when we are powerful, when we are well and well-rewarded, when we’re the best at what we do, when we discover that life is good and we are good in it.”

This beautifully crafted and designed book celebrates women, their lives, their sorrows, their triumphs, their work, the men they love. Sometimes it’s not easy growing old in this culture, but Barbara Herrick, who is “one of us,” inspires us to feel our own impact and celebrate each day.

Barbara Herrick is a freelance writer, whose other work includes the narrative non-fiction book The Blackberry Tea Club, from which the text for this four-color gift book is excerpted, plus two books on Boise, Idaho, and numerous stories and poems. She’s a founding member of The Blackberry Tea Club, women who get together intermittently for adventures, talk, and more. She lives in Boise, ID.
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