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The Yoga Back Book
The Natural Solution to Freedom from Pain
Stella Weller
ISBN: 9781573245760
Book (Paperback)
Red Wheel
8 x 8
192 pages
120 Black & White Photographs
July 1, 2012


According to Consumer Reports, 80% of all adults suffer from back pain. For those millions, The Yoga Back Book offers a complete guide to back care with guided yoga stretches, exercises, and other relaxation techniques. Stella Weller’s sensible approach offers a gentle yet effective way to spinal health without drugs or surgery.

The exercises in The Yoga Back Book have been carefully selected to help heal problem backs. By following this easy course, readers will effect a gradual stretching, strengthening, and relaxing of the back, which can ease away the causes of back pain.

The Yoga Back Book features:

  • Tips for basic back care—including nutrition for a healthy
  • Techniques easily incorporated into daily life
  • Simple lessons on how to sit, stand, bend, get up, and lie down without causing pain or undue stress on your back
  • How the back works and what can go wrong
  • 120 black and white photos illustrating each yoga pose

For anyone with back pain, The Yoga Back Book offers a complete course in managing back problems in one easy to-use volume.

Stella Weller is a registered nurse who has taught yoga and stress management techniques to students of all ages. She is the author of several yoga books, including The Breath Book and Yoga Therapy.
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