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Hanging Out the Wash
And Other Ways to Find More in Less
Adair Lara
ISBN: 9781573247726
Book (Paperback)
Red Wheel
5 1/2 x 6 1/2
200 pages
March 31, 2002


"Hanging Out the Wash offers the many ways in which people find those precious moments that bring them peace, including suggestions and inspirational quotes from Lily Tomlin to the Buddha. It reveals and celebrates the sidelines of life we all cherish but sometimes overlook.
“Lovely, funny, sad, true, and inspiring." -Anne Lamott
We all live in a speeded up world--we buy instant meals, work overtime, are wired in to our homes and offices, and precariously balance family and jobs. But it seems the more we get done the more there is to do, and while our modern lifestyles have given us faster ways of doing things, they have also quickly taken away the rhythm and serenity of daily life.

San Francisco Chronicle columnist Adair Lara wrote a column describing her mother's way of slowing down--hanging up clothes on a clothesline. More than 1,000 readers responded to her column with their own suggestions--writing letters in longhand though they have computers, washing dishes by hand though they have dishwashers, reading their favorite novels again and again. The best of these stories, as well as others, have been combined to create this inspirational collection.

Adair Lara has been a staff columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle since 1989, writing a popular personal column twice weekly on the back page. She has won numerous awards for her columns, and her work has appeared in newspapers and national magazines. The author of several books, including Welcome to Earth, Mom; At Adairís House: More Columns by Americaís Formerly Single Mom; and Hold Me Close, Let Me Go, Lara lives in San Francisco, California
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