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The Little Book of Courage
A Three-Step Process to Overcoming Fear and Anxiety
Sarah Quigley, Dr. Marilyn Shroyer
ISBN: 9781573248112
Book (Paperback)
Red Wheel
5 1/4 x 8
160 pages
Foreword by Hugh Prather
July 31, 2002


We all need help in coping with fear. In this small but powerful book, authors Sarah Quigley and Marilyn Shroyer interviewed over 100 people ages five through eighty-five and distilled their wisdom about fear. The Little Book of Courage guides readers step by step through a threefold process of facing, feeling, and transforming fear and anxiety. Through personal stories, inspiring quotes, and practical suggestions, readers learn that fear is a simply a message, not a monster, and that it can be transformed into "courage, kindness, compassion, wisdom, love, patience, serenity, calm awareness, or acceptance."

From the book:
"Courage is a present from God or the universe to every single one of us. No matter how uncourageous you may feel, you"re no exception-courage is inside you too. As the habit of using our courage takes hold, we'll become more and more fearless. We'll be able to keep on crawling out from under the covers to face each and every fear."

"Sarah and Marilyn provide a gentle comfort for those who have been afflicted with sorrow and fear. Their book, filled with wisdom and love, is a soothing companion for anyone seeking courage and a joyful heart." -Wayne Muller, author of How, Then, Shall We Live?

Sarah Quigley is a freelance writer, teacher, and editor. In 1996, Ms. Quigley was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. More than once, when fear threatened to take over, her husband has reminded her, "I know a really good book about that -- you wrote it -- maybe you should read it again!" The mother of two children, she and her husband live in Galveston, Texas, and Gainesville, Florida.
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Dr. Marilyn Shroyer is a psychotherapist living in Northern California.
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