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Horse Wise
Thinking Outside the Stall and Other Lessons I Learned from My Horse
Cheryl Kimball
ISBN: 9781573248662
Book (Paperback)
Red Wheel
5 x 7
120 pages
April 1, 2004


Horses teach life's great lessons--keep it simple; learn to think differently; lead by respect, not dominance; consider the horse's (other person's) perspective. Horse Wise is full of horse sense and human common sense. Horsewoman and author Cheryl Kimball uses endearing real-life stories of working with horses to tell readers what her horses have taught her about managing a company, being a leader for employees in times of trouble, and how to live everyday life more deeply and authentically.

Among the many valuable lessons horses have taught Kimball over the years are:
* Learn to Control Your Anger
* Leadership is an Important Thing
* The Importance of Consistency
* Don't Force Things
* Be Humble

Readers don't need a horse to apply the life lessons of Horse Wise. Sharing stories from her horse world, Kimball explains how the lessons learned from the horse apply to the world of people and our relationships with each other--and ourselves.

Funny and poignant stories show readers that when we put ourselves in a horse's shoes, we gain compassion and wisdom--and we get what we need.

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