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Be Generous
101 Meditations & Suggestions to Get You Through the Day (and Night)
David Marell
ISBN: 9781573248679
Book (Paperback)
Red Wheel
4 3/4 x 6 1/2
128 pages
April 1, 2003


This small, captivating volume is a perfect gift and a welcome companion for the times when we all need something to ground us in the moment and give us a chance to catch our breath. Be Generous and the other hundred quick and quirky meditations remind us that life's little foibles are what life--and spiritual practice--are really about. Everything from making love to getting up in the middle of the night to pee to parking in the city is fodder for Marell's finely-honed sense of being in the moment.

The meditations are funny and serious and urge us to practice compassion, bask in abundance, meditate, laugh, and rejoice in our perfect and imperfect lives. They give us the opportunity to breathe.

From the book:
I Make My Own Decisions

I paid fifty dollars to park my car
I paid fifty dollars to park my car
I paid fifty dollars to park my car
Thank you
Thank you

More than a hundred quirky, original meditations are designed to bring you back to the here and now along with black-and-white illustrations by the author that go with meditations on dental floss.

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