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The Way of the Cat
Nap, Do Nothing, and Stretch Your Way to a Blissful Life
Dana Kramer-Rolls
ISBN: 9781573249164
Book (Paperback)
Red Wheel
5 1/2 x 8 1/2
176 pages
June 15, 2004


Garrison Keillor once said that "cats show us that not everything in nature has a purpose." The Way of the Cat, however, shows how cats may be in our lives to help us follow our bliss. Iggy, Isabel, and Inky are three cats that have shown author Dana Kramer-Rolls how to get in touch with her inner cat--and discover the secrets of a blissful life, which include:

    * Stretching all over is one of life's pure and simple pleasures.

    * Doing nothing well is a feline art form anyone can practice.

    * We can all just get along when we live together well.

Kramer-Rolls's philosophy is simple: By "being as simple and direct as our cats, we can achieve a 'higher' or at least more natural and less-stressed state. Get involved with your cats. Their wisdom is now open to you, and you can learn everything they have to teach."

The funny and surprising Way of the Cat guides readers through the days and lives of Kramer-Rolls's cats and teaches them the ways of feline wisdom:
    * Learn to move silently and sleep deeply, as long as necessary.

    * Exercise by doing the "crescent moon
    stretch" and indulge in the fun of rolling around on the floor.

    * Practice feline empathy--and find out how to heal the world.

    * Celebrate bliss.

The Way of the Cat is packed with fun tips, exercises, cat stories, and food for thought--all drawn from the blissful lives cats lead every day.

Dana Kramer-Rolls is a writer whose work has appeared in PanGaia and The Pomegranate. She's also the author of a Star Trek novel, Home is the Hunter. Kramer-Rolls's short stories have appeared in a number of Marion Zimmer Bradley collections. She lives in the San Francisco Bay area.
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