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The Spirit of Getting Organized
12 Skills to Find Meaning and Power in Your Stuff
Pamela Kristan
ISBN: 9781590030240
Book (Paperback)
Red Wheel
7 x 9
192 pages
January 15, 2003


On one level, The Spirit of Getting Organized is about sorting papers and using file folders. But, there's more to life than a neat office. After years in the field of professional organizing, Pamela Kristan realized that organizing was a doorway, an opportunity to find personal power and meaning.

Organizing is an intimate encounter with life's everyday details that has the power to engage us profoundly with our soul, with our world, and with the farthest reaching, grandest patterns of Nature. Rather than pulling us away from spiritual work with mundane chores, organizing can draw us into the cosmos.

The heart of The Spirit of Getting Organized offers twelve skills that will help you take care of the external clutter in your life including sorting, shedding, observing, and storing. To build these seemingly simple skills, Kristan has developed exercises and reflective tools that reveal hidden feelings and attachments and allow us to get organized and get on with our real purpose in life.

Including pages for recording observations and exercise results, as well as a vast section of resources for developing order both internally and externally, The Spirit of Getting Organized can transform a dreadful chore like cleaning out your closet into an opportunity for an intimate encounter with your true self.

Pamela Kristan has helped thousands of people become more effective, engaged, and aware through time and stuff management. She has long experience as musician and critic, manager and program producer, and earth-centered spirituality practitioner and so holds a unique position bridging the practicalities of time & stuff, the artistic world, and the deeply soulful life. Pam makes her home in Jamaica Plain, Boston.
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