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The Big Book of HR, 10th Anniversary Edition
Co-Author Barbara Mitchell, Co-Author Cornelia Gamlem
ISBN: 9781632651945
Book (Paperback)
Red Wheel Weiser, Career Press
7 x 10
352 pages
January 1, 2022

Currently Not Available for Purchase

“While the entire book offers a wealth of information on the inner-workings of HR, each chapter can also stand alone for a quick reference. A great learning tool for anyone with an interest in sound HR practices.”
Sue Meisinger, Esq., SPHR, CEO, Society for Human Resource Management (retired)
“This is a comprehensive and very important book, written by two highly knowledgeable experts in the field.  It addresses the topics that are core to the people issues and opportunities in any business today, and is critical information for any HR professional who hopes to be effective in his/her role within an organization.”
Stuart Sadick, Partner, Heidrick & Struggles
“This book provides a comprehensive look at the many facets of Human Resources.  It is ideal for a wide range of audiences - from a beginning HR practitioner to a senior level individual who needs to ‘brush up’ on a particular topic or area of expertise.  With the recent trend of selecting business professionals from non-HR disciplines to lead an organization's HR function, this book can serve as a helpful practical reference guide.”
Emily S. Bender, Senior Vice President, Human Resources
Orbital Sciences Corporation (retired)
“Cornelia Gamlem and Barbara Mitchell are experts in the field of Human Resources. The authors have that unique ability to distill what can sometimes be dry HR material in to effective, no-nonsense guidance for the HR practitioner. You can depend on the clarity, insight and wisdom provided in The Big Book of HR.”
Mary Franczak, president, Thomas Houston Associates, Inc
The Big Book of HR is both a great reference book and a training tool. I would recommend this as ‘must have’ for HR professionals. For those who are developing talent, this is an excellent tool to test knowledge and teach core competencies.”
 —Janet N. Parker, executive vice president, Corporate,HR, Regions Bank (retired)
“I am pleased to see such a robust resource that will help guide human resource professionals in their human capital investment.  This book provides a human capital framework for areas in selecting & retaining top talent, employee engagement programs, and total rewards.  These types of programs will help drive the strategy and mission of the organization, lead to a highly engaged/committed workforce and significantly improve overall performance and profitability.“
Angela Galyean, vice president, Human Resources, Intelsat
“In this comprehensive book, the authors provide readers with a wealth of information, stories, resources and discussion questions to guide you though the wonderful world of human resources.  Mitchell and Gamlem are respected experts in HR and have generously shared their knowledge and experiences in this valuable new book.”
Sharon Armstrong, author of The Essential Performance Review Handbook, The Essential HR Handbook, and Stress Free Performance Appraisals
“To attain wisdom you must first learn the language of your audience. Next you must walk in their shoes, cut down a few trees in the forest and blaze a new trail on your own. Finally, you need to simplify and just know where that 5 cent washer needs to go to keep the Rube Goldberg contraption running well. The Big Book of HR, like it’s two authors, rises to and even transcends all three levels.”
Gerry Crispin, SPHR, co-founder, CareerXroads

“I am excited about this new edition of The Big Book of HR—a comprehensive HR management guidebook. Offering practical and useful tips to put knowledge into practice, this is a ‘must have’ for managers of all levels. I’m recommending it for use in my organization.”
Judy Perrault, CEO, Mindbank
The Big Book of HR is a great HR reference book that covers virtually all areas of the human resources
field—a one source of relevant information. The chapters include everything from the legal aspects of the employment relationship to the core function of HR which is attracting and developing talent for the organization. It is a practical guide which is easy to follow and provides solid recommendations on how to lead an HR organization for the benefit of the enterprise it supports. If I could only have one HR book on my shelf, this would be the one.
Gus Siekierka, retired VP and chief HR officer, CSC
“HR Professionals: Buy it, read it, rely on it and you will never regret it! Although there are lots of books on HR, The Big Book of HR is best guide for an HR practitioner out there. Regardless if you are new to the profession or tenured, The Big Book will become a reference companion to your daily work. Throughout the book it is extremely clear that Mitchell and Gamlem are seasoned professionals in the industry. Their ability to break down the concepts and apply the to situations an HR professional will come across daily ensure that this book will be well worn and dog eared. I was very impressed by the way they conveyed ‘insights’ or ‘things to be aware of’ that most practitioners only learn through trial and error. I wish I had this book when I was starting out! The book also allows you to lean on leaders in the HR profession as if they were sitting in the desk beside you.”
Sarah Rajtick, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, American Truckers Associations

The complete guide to human resources processes, issues, and best practices by two of the most seasoned and respected HR professionals.

Managing people is the biggest challenge any organization faces. It’s a challenge that has grown even more difficult over the past decade. Since The Big Book of HR was first published, we’ve seen dramatic changes in the workplace and the workforce. This 10th anniversary edition incorporates discussions and reflections on these changes and examines new and emerging trends useful for any business owner, manager, or HR professional, with the most current information to get the most from their talent—from strategic HR-related issues to the smallest tactical details of managing people.

The Big Book of HR, 10th Anniversary Edition includes up-to-date information about:

  • The challenges of remote and distributed workforces

  • Diversity, equity and inclusion

  • Workplace harassment and its prevention

  • Changing technology and its impact on every facet of people management

  • Pay equity and its effect on transparency in compensation

  • Benefits that meet the needs of a multigenerational workforce

  • State and local laws that are addressing societal changes

  • Gamification and other training strategies

Barbara Mitchell is an author, speaker, and management consultant. She is the coauthor of The Big Book of HR, The Essential Workplace Conflict Handbook, and The Conflict Resolution Phrase Book. After a long career with Marriott International, she is now managing partner of the Mitchell Group and works with a variety of clients to help them attract, develop, engage, and retain the best talent.
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Cornelia Gamlem, SPHR, president of The GEMS Group, Ltd., consults, speaks, and writes on human resource and management issues. A recognized expert in employee relations and human resources, she has coauthored four books, three with Barbara. Cornelia spent most of her HR career with a Fortune 500 IT services company with a global presence.
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